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Image Crawler

It is essential that your images are always of the highest quality. Regardless of how good your product is, if your image is poor, or worse, non-existent, your performance will be low. The image crawler service inspects your data feed, analyzes your pictures’ properties, such as image type and size, and draws attention to those items that have a broken image link.

Data Crawler

The data crawler is a service for that lets you import additional product attribute information from the source code of your product pages on your website. It was introduced for those cases where it was not possible to obtain the full range of product data from your import feed.

Unique ID Generator

If you’re in the business of performance marketing and product-data driven ad campaigns, you will know that it is imperative that every single product in your data feed has a unique ID. Without it, you cannot get accurate tracking figures for your products. Our unique ID generator service creates unique ID’s for you by combining values such as each products’ current ID, size and color.

Category ID Generator

In specific cases, you may need a category ID. As the name implies, the category ID generator service creates a numeric unique ID, based on your source feed’s product categories.

Split Variants

Some merchant data feeds are set up so that a product and its many different characteristics (sizes, colors) is shown in one row. Some export channels, however, want these product variations to be listed in a new row. The Split Variants Service allows you to do just that.

Merge Variants

The Merge Variants Service allows you to do exactly the opposite to the Split Variants Service. Here you can combine the different rows for each characteristic of a specific product to form just one row.