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What is Google Manufacturer Center
– Why it matters and how it works

Google Shopping, Marketing Channels 12 October, 2017

Although Google Manufacturer Center was introduced to the US market in 2015, it was not until 2017 that it expanded […]

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Florian Heinemann on The State of Digital Marketing & How to Succeed

Productsup News 21 September, 2017

With dmexco 2017 behind us, normality is returning and we’re able to digest the great insights offered in last week’s […]

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The five C’s of an A+ product feed

Resources, Tips & Best Practices 10 August, 2017

One thing that all savvy marketers keep in mind when optimizing product data, is that each shopping channel has their […]

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How technology is reshaping the travel industry and what it means for marketers

Facebook, Marketing Channels 1 August, 2017

We live in a world where the only constant is change. The travel and hospitality industry is rapidly evolving and […]

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Why more and more online retailers are advertising products on Bing

Marketing Channels, Tips & Best Practices 13 July, 2017

Deciding where to advertise products is no straight forward task for marketers and online retailers. While big players like Amazon, […]

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Google Customer Match for Shopping: Helping you reconnect with past customers

Google Shopping, Marketing Channels 6 July, 2017

Google rolled out Customer Match for Shopping campaigns alongside similar audience in May 2017. Just like similar audience, Customer Match […]

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Find your next customer with Google Similar Audience for Search and Shopping

Google Shopping, Marketing Channels, Tips & Best Practices 29 June, 2017

It has been over a year in beta, but in May 2017, Google finally announced that it is rolling out […]

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A closer look at the Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel product catalog

Facebook, Marketing Channels 20 June, 2017

Since their release two years ago, Facebook Dynamic Ads (previously known as Facebook Dynamic Product Ads) have grown to become […]

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Comparing Google & Facebook: The two most popular platforms for retail marketers

Facebook, Google Shopping, Marketing Channels 8 June, 2017

Search platform Google and social platform Facebook, each a leader in their industry, have come to be two of the […]

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Build trust & get valuable customer feedback with Google Customer Reviews

Google Shopping, Marketing Channels 2 June, 2017

Building trust and forging relationships with customers has always been a vital aspect of e-commerce. But it can also be […]

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