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Platform Overview

Create a perfect product data feed – quickly and easily.

The Productsup platform is a cloud-based software designed to help you efficiently manage the data of your product inventory. Optimized, high quality product feeds are the foundation for a powerful presence across the web.

Channel Specific Analysis
Channel Specific Analysis
Data Edit
Data Exports
Data Mapping
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Manual Import
How it Works

Collect and import product data from multiple sources


Map data attributes to create a structured master feed


Analyze feed according to unique channel specifications


Optimize the feed based on analysis report & best practice recommendations


Set up Productsup tracking, or integrate 3rd party tracking


Export to unlimited shopping & marketing destinations

There is currently no data management technology that competes with Productsup from a usability perspective.

1. Intuitive & user-friendly interface

2. Impressive processing speed

3. No technical skills required

4. Available in English, German and French

5. Detailed analysis of each individual product

6. Powerful enhancement and editing tools

7. Tracking & ROI Management

8. Automated processes

9. Advanced security measures

Streamline your processes

What used to take you weeks, can now be done in minutes. Build internal know-how, cut out the middle man, set up automated processes and perform mass data edits in just a few clicks.


Sell internationally

The sophisticated software recognizes content as pure data and not as a specific language. If you are a multinational e-commerce merchant with a web shop in many different countries, you can manage the feeds for all your stores from this central platform.

Over 380 billion products are being exported from the platform every month.

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