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Bring your products to market with high quality product feeds.

Productsup users most commonly use the platform to distribute product feeds to all their marketing and shopping channels, whether it be the most popular or really niche destinations. Using the platform, they structure, enrich and customize their product feeds according to each channel’s individual requirements. With Productsup, online retailers can expand their business to new channels within one day, and at no extra cost.

Below are some examples of businesses from different industries using Productsup for feed management and distribution.

Trivago Logo

Trivago, a multinational meta-search engine, better described as an online hotel search site, uses the Productsup platform to create feeds for retargeting purposes. They manage and optimize massive hotel and destination feeds for marketing campaigns with Criteo, Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel and Google Display Network travel.

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Domain logo

Similarly, the Australian real estate company, Domain, uses the platform to enhance their advertising and remarketing efforts of properties. More specifically, they use Productsup to generate a custom template for powering Facebook's new Dynamic Ads for Real Estate.

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Domain Shadow Graphic
mydays Logo

The ecommerce promotion platform, popular for selling vouchers for experiences like bungee jumping, extraordinary dinners, and adventure tours, uses Productsup to better manage and prepare their feed and images. They too export their product feed for retargeting efforts with Google, Facebook Dynamic Ads and several affiliate partners.

mydays Shadow Graphic

A renowned shoe manufacturer uses Productsup to manage the product feeds of all of its stores in multiple country stores. They import their product inventory, optimize the data feed, and then export to various marketing and shopping channels like affilinet, Bing, Facebook and Google Merchant Center.

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Aggregate & standardize multiple supplier feeds to form one master data feed.

At the other end of the Productsup platform, clients are receiving product data from hundreds of suppliers, in hundreds of different files, formats and quality levels. They use the software in order to integrate the suppliers’ data into their own system more efficiently. Productsup enables them to merge, structure and standardize the incoming data feeds according to their own needs,

Below are some examples of customers in different industries using Productsup for product content aggregation and feed standardization.

affilinet Logo

affilinet, a leading European affiliate marketing network, uses the platform to merge, standardize and centralize product data for all their clients. affilinet maintains over 100 million products on the Productsup platform. The variety of import sources available combined with the intuitive interface are particularly useful for the team.

Affilinet Shadow Graphic
Joblift Logo

Joblift aggregates data for various job offers for its online job portal. Job offers from various suppliers are regularly imported into the Productsup platform and merged into one unified format that fits the requirements of their own system. They are then able to draw from a clean, reliable, optimized data set when listing the offers online.

joblift shadow graphic

A well known online fashion marketplace merges, normalizes and structures supplier data to match their own system requirements.

fashion marketplace shadow graphic

Migrate your data flexibly, from product content aggregation through to channel distribution.

Productsup is an agile data management platform. Whether you want to integrate supplier data into your PIM system, or distribute enriched product feeds to channels like Google Merchant or Manufacturer Center, Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook, AWIN or all major retailers, with Productsup you can automate and streamline your product content syndication.

Capitol Lighting Logo

Capitol Lighting uses Productsup to aggregate and optimize their product data on an IT level, before exporting it to their PIM system. On the other side of the spectrum, they use the software again for marketing purposes by exporting their feed from the Productsup platform to various marketing and shopping channels, such as Facebook.

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There are limitless possibilities with Productsup - get creative!

Think the platform stops at ecommerce and product ads? Think again. One of Productsup’s major strengths is how flexible and versatile the solution is. When it comes to feed management and optimization, we have managed to solve the most unique needs.

To give you an idea, we’ve listed some below:

The Economist Logo

Through their agency, Marin, The Economist uses Productsup to create images for Facebook Dynamic Ads. Their ads are used to promote their publications, rather than products.

economist shadow graphic

A mobile app company uses Productsup to connect online and offline shopping. They do this by aggregating and standardizing catalog data from different brands and retailers, before exporting the feed into their own system as a comprehensive, unified format.

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With Productsup, users have not only taken charge of their product feeds, saved time and simplified processes but they’ve also increased impressions and conversion rates by up to 40%.
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