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Integrate with marketplaces and sync your orders. Quickly, easy and at scale.

With the Productsup Order Management solution, you can sync order data from many different marketplaces into your own online shop system.

Complete with automated, real-time stock and shipping updates, the solution aligns and simplifies logistics for your business – saving you both time and headaches.

Marketplace integration

Integration with major shop systems

Shop system integration enables you to efficiently and automatically import your products, as well as order information, into Productsup.

From there, you can clean, complete, and optimize your product feed, as well as tailor it to each marketplace's individual requirements. Once orders start coming in, they can be managed directly within your shop system.

The Productsup Ecosystem - Integration with Shop Systems

Stock levels updated automatically

With Productsup, you'll never have to worry about out-of-stock products being advertised, which only results in wasted clicks, frustrated shoppers and lost customers. Our Order Management solution ensures that your stock levels are always accurate and up-to-date.

Once you've fulfilled and updated an order in your online shop, our solution will automatically notify all of your active marketplaces of the new stock level. Higher accuracy, higher revenue!

The Productsup Ecosystem - Order Management

Win the Amazon Buy Box & maximize product buyability with automated repricing

  • Create rules and define logic to win the Buy Box
  • The lower your price, the higher your chance of winning the Buy Box
  • Once you own the Buy Box, increase price to maximize profits
  • Monitor competitor price across different channels
Win the Amazon Buy Box

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