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Your Goal

To secure visibility of your online product ads online in order to increase traffic, sales and ROI.

Your Task

To distribute optimized product feeds to online shopping and marketing channels.

The Problem

Your online shop sells hundreds-of-thousands of products, making it hard for you to stay on top of the constantly changing product attributes, information and requirements from e-commerce channels.

Your Challenges

Limited technical know-how: Product data management is complicated and you need technical skills to work with large feeds, so you depend on IT or third parties for support.

Feed customization: You need to know the specific – and often updated – requirements of each distribution channel so that you can ensure your feeds comply.

Left in the dark: With no clear overview and understanding of your data, you don’t know how to unlock its potential.

Takes too long: You are investing too much valuable time in trying to manage and optimize your feeds.

See how we’ve helped merchants to overcome these challenges.

Productsup lets you take ownership of your data. Being in control means that you can maximize the full revenue potential of the channels that you want to promote your products on.

How does the Productsup Platform help you?


  • Understand your data in just one glance with clear columns and fields
  • Perform mass data edits with easy drag-and-drop rule-boxes
  • Manage the product data from all your online stores from one centralized platform

Save Time

  • Set up automated imports, exports and ROI management
  • Process your feed in seconds with advanced data handling technology
  • Eliminate the wait on IT or third parties

Improve Product Feed Quality

  • Merge, structure and standardize multiple source feeds into one clean master feed
  • Perform channel-specific assessments with the platform’s smart analysis feature
  • Preview data changes in real time and know what’s going on with your data

Be Seen on More Channels

  • Select from hundreds of available, channel-specific feed templates
  • Create customized feeds that meet individual channel requirements
  • Export to unlimited shopping and marketing destinations

Effectively Manage ROI

  • Import external tracking data or use Productsup tracking to measure performance
  • Exclude unprofitable products from your exports
  • Exclude unprofitable channels from your strategy

Be Independent but not Alone

  • Get 10 hours of free support per month from our dedicated platform experts
  • Access in-platform help articles with detailed explanations and examples
  • Attend live webinars with Q&A sessions

See Results

  • Be in a position to take the right action at the right time
  • Increase visbility, traffic, and ultimately sales
  • Leverage the full revenue potential of your shopping and marketing channels
“We’ve not only increased our visibility, we’ve also improved our work flows around data management by taking complete ownership of our product data.”
Konrad Kierklo

COO, Miinto Group

We’ve helped merchant clients across a range of industries
Real Estate

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