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As marketing consultants and experts, you know all about the role of a product data in your shopping campaigns and the importance of having a high quality feed.

In fact, you’re probably editing and optimizing shopping feeds on a daily basis.

The problem is, you’re not just responsible for one merchant’s success but for the success of all your merchant clients. That’s a lot of product data to manage.

Your Challenges

Takes too long: You’re investing too much of your time in managing and optimizing your clients’ product feeds, with less time for other important tasks.

External pressure: Your clients want to see results—and fast.

No clear overview: In managing so many different product feeds, it’s easy to lose track of what’s going on with the product data.

Feed customization: Not only do you need to create individual feeds for every export channel you use but you need to keep up-to-date with the changing requirements too.

Dependent on IT: Product feed management is complicated. You rely on IT for support in editing the hundreds of feeds that you manage.

Productsup is the leading cloud-based platform for shopping feed management and optimization.

Do more, in less time, with less effort.

How does the Productsup Platform help you?

One Central Platform

  • Conveniently store, manage and access the individual product data feeds for all your clients in one place
  • Maintain a clear overview with separate account, project and client monitoring
  • Integrate the tool with your agency software via the Productsup API


  • Understand your clients’ data in just one glance with clear columns and fields
  • Perform mass data edits with easy drag-and-drop rule-boxes
  • Access a comprehensive online knowledge database with explanations

Save Time

  • Set up automated imports, exports and ROI management
  • Process your feed in seconds with advanced data handling technology
  • Eliminate the wait on IT by being able to take action yourself

Improve Product Feed Quality

  • Merge, structure and standardize multiple source feeds into one clean master feed
  • Perform channel-specific assessments with the platform’s intelligent analysis feature
  • Apply powerful editing tools and preview data changes in real-time

Advertise on More Channels

  • Select from hundreds of pre-configured, channel-specific feed templates
  • Create customized feeds that meet individual channel requirements
  • Submit your feeds to unlimited shopping and marketing destinations

Effectively Manage ROI

  • Import external tracking data or use Productsup tracking to measure performance
  • Exclude unprofitable products from your exports
  • Exclude unprofitable channels from your strategy

See Results

  • Gain control over your client product data feeds
  • Increase product visibility, traffic and sales-opportunities for your clients
  • Maximize the full potential of your ecommerce channel-partners
“Using the Productsup platform enables us to enhance and optimize thousands of products within seconds. Therefore we can react instantly to specific search queries and search spikes to maximize ROI and revenue for our clients.”
Matthias Weth

Co-Founder, Catbird Seat

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