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Whether you’re a marketplace, a comparison shopping engine or an affiliate channel, your daily business involves collecting and managing product data feeds from thousands of e-commerce clients.

The problem is, each client submits their feed via a different source and in a different format. It’s a real hassle to standardize each feed to suit your structure.

Productsup lets you do this efficiently, easily and effectively.

Why aggregators love Productsup

Get a completely standardized feed for all

  • By adding your individual export template to the software, each feed gets automatically mapped and standardized for you.

The Productsup API

  • Forget about manually adding every one of your thousands of clients and their multiple sites to the platform. This is set up automatically.
  • Instead of exporting the entire feed every time there is an update, transmitting data to your server via the API lets you export only those products that have new or changed information.
  • Customize the software by adding your internal labels and expressions to the platform.

Improve your customer service

  • With features, such as our image crawler service, you can detect any broken image url’s and inform your client accordingly.

Single point of contact

  • Refer to one source for standardized and up-to-date client product feeds.
  • Manage all your product data on one central platform.

We have simplified input and maximized output for some of the biggest aggregators

One client alone is standardizing the feeds of more than 3500 companies!

Sound too good to be true? We’ll prove it to you.

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