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Use the benefit of visualization for your Business

Better shopping experience

Use videos on your website to give the customer more complete picture of your offering.

Paid ads that attract

Stand out from the crowd with compelling, engaging creative that speaks to our emotions

Retargeting ads that convert

Remarket relevant products to previously interested shoppers in a new, personalized and attractive way.

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For Retail Advertisers

  • Use our video templates to create instant videos
    for all your e-commerce products
  • Enrich your multi-image ads with video content
  • Integrate product videos on your online store
    to enhance the shopper’s experience

For Travel Advertisers

  • Bring the experience to life and take the consumer on a
    journey with captivating, emotive visuals
  • Use the power of social proof and add customer ratings
    that create trust and credibility
  • Add a special touch with real-time weather reports

Multi-channel application

  • Create videos for all your shopping and marketing channels.
  • Share video ads on social, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,
    Pinterest & YouTube
  • Upload unique and branded video ads to your marketplace
    accounts like Amazon
  • Generate rich content for campaigns with Criteo,
    DoubleClick and Marketo
  • Enrich your own website with compelling videos

Cross-device application

  • Display your videos as part of integrated campaigns
    across desktop, tablet & smartphone
  • Tailor videos to match the required device sizes
    from a single template
  • Meet your consumers where they are and in the format they love.
  • Videos work well on responsive websites

Boost SEO

With rich-snippets & new content

Improve CTR

With moving imagery that attracts the eye

Increase Sales

With engaging content that connects

How it works

Using a customized template, the platform is able to take your static product information (images, text, numbers) and automatically create high quality, engaging videos for every product in your feed.

Smart features built for you

Highly scalable

Create thousands of video ads in one go, for all our products and all your channels.

Automatic content updates

Videos automatically update with changes in inventory data (price, availability, etc.)

Drag-&-Drop logic

Take control and eliminate dependence on a videographer or designer with easy data handling

A/B Testing

Easily create different versions to find your best fit and maximize performance.

API ready

Streamline processes thanks to direct integrations for imports & exports of large data files.

TripAdvisor API

Our TripAdvisor integration lets you create stronger arguments by automatically adding customer ratings to your videos

Clickable CTA’s

The videos come with clickable buttons to drive engagement and action.

Personalized audio

Apply your product-specific voice notes or sound effects to all your videos in one go.

Tracking & ROI Management

Manage success with automated performance rules & error notifications

Video Layout Templates

Get started quick thanks to a wide range of customizable templates for your video layout.

Weather Company API

Our integration to the Weather Company from IBM lets you automatically add real time weather reports to your videos

Geolocation Service

Easily get the required longitude and latitude coordinates to your destinations to match your feed specs.

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