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Data Importing

Import product data in the way that works best for you, from a variety of sources.

Regardless of the format and source, imported product data can be merged to create one master feed or added to an existing feed.

Manual Import

One of the easiest ways to import your product data is simply by providing the URL, via an http or ftp server. These connections can be password-protected. Then set up schedules for your product data to be imported automatically.

Supported formats:

  • XML
  • RSS
  • TXT
  • MySQL

Shop System Integration via API connection

Alternatively, you can pull data directly from your shop system via an API connection

Our technology can already connect directly to the shop systems listed below. If you wish to use this form of import and your shopsystem is not listed, however, do not dispair – it is possible to arrange for it to be added.

Website Crawling

If you don’t have a data feed available, or if there is information missing, Productsup can crawl your website to scan and extract additional product information.


You can also import active product listings from any eBay merchant by simply providing the shop name.

Google MC API

Import data directly from your Google Merchant Center account.

Data Mapping

Create a standard master feed template from which many customized feeds are built.

Data mapping allows you to view and restructure connections from your imported product feed (left column) to your intermediate or master feed (center column) and from your master feed to your channel-specific export feeds (right column).

Automatic and adjustable

When you import your data feed, the product attributes are automatically mapped to their equivalents in the other two columns (e.g. “Product name” is mapped to “Title”).

Drag-and-drop functionality allows you to edit and adjust the mapping in any way you like.

Data View

Easily search, locate and view specific products or product segments.

Our “big data browser” has a set of filters that allow you to sort through and view your product information in real-time, regardless of whether you’re working with a few hundred, or few million products. You can choose to either see the product data in your import-, your intermediate- or your export-feed.

Productsup has been designed in such a way to show the various product attributes in a clear and simple way so that at one glance a quick understanding of your data is gained.

Data Analysis

Uncover all the errors and hidden potential in your product data within seconds.

Gain a general health status of your entire feed or analyze the data of specific attribute columns.

We have integrated the individual requirements of the various export channels into the system. Our sophisticated analysis feature scans each and every product in your feed for errors, such as unfulfilled feed requirements, missing attributes, incorrect formats and outdated information. It identifies critical issues and automatically suggests suitable editing boxes.

Data Edit

Correct, clean up and enrich your product data to create tailored, optimized data feeds.

The platform offers a host of expertly developed editing boxes, that you can apply with a simple drag-and-drop action. These help you change any incorrect attributes, enhance and segment your data, as well as identify which products should be excluded in an export. You can remove double white spaces, decode HTML, replace values, add attributes, and much, much more.

Productsup has a live preview of data, so any edits you perform are instantly visible.

Using our A/B testing feature you can prepare different variations of the same feed for the same export channel, in order to identify the changes that increase or maximize performance.

We offer a range of list features, from blacklists, to whitelists and normalization lists, to help simplify and speed up your processes. And with the Category Mapping list you can easily map your data to your partner’s product taxonomy.

Data Exports

Distribute the right information to the right channel.

Using our industry know-how and expertise, we have created tailored templates for all the most popular export channels.

Select from an unlimited number of online shopping and marketing destinations. If there is a channel you want to use but don’t see listed on the platform, simply let us know and we will add it for you. You can even set up a blank export, which can be customized entirely according to your own needs.

Comparison Shopping Engines
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Affiliate Engines
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Search Engines
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Retargeting Engines & RTB platforms
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Social Media Platforms
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Tracking & ROI Management

Get the most out of your product data driven campaigns.

Track the performance of each of your products across the various channels you export to with the Productsup Tracking & ROI Management feature. You can also choose to import third party tracking data to monitor the performance of your product ads.

See which products or channels are underperforming and define automatic actions to manage your ROI.

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