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Turn the magic up with product content integration
and feed optimization based on machine learning

We use supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning to train our AI.

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Labeled data goes in and Productsup learns to recognize what it has seen before.
"That is a watch and that is a bottle"
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Unlabeled data is presented and Productsup learns to distinguish between different objects.
"All images in this set are similar"
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Data comes in and Productsup users manually correct the information.
"No, this is not a cat, it's a dog"

Artificial intelligence in action

Automated Category Mapping

The platform will automatically take the imported product categories and map them to an integrated, standard taxonomy. From there products will be automatically mapped to your desired export channels. To make this work, Productsup has trained its algorithm with more than 10,000 SKUs per category and has used more than 500,000,000 SKUs in total.

Automated category mapping eliminates the need to manually match data, saving an immense amount of time and eradicating any risk of disapproval.

Productsup Automated Category Mapping Screenshot

Automated Field Mapping

The Productsup Dataflow is really smart. We've leveraged 8 years of product content integration experience, so you can now automatically map any Dataflow attribute with just one click.

This will allow users to integrate and map even large product catalogues in almost no time.

Exporting more than 250bn SKUs every month, we can predict with a high probability that for example "availability" relates to "in stock" and "product name" is equal to "title".

Take the manual work out of mapping and set your product content integration on autopilot.

Product Image Recognition

The Productsup solution is able to understand the visual content of feeds.

The platform can detect colors and inappropriate content in images. It's also able to perform text extraction and detect broad sets of objects in images - from flowers, animals, or transportation to thousands of other common object categories, among other features.

Enrich your product catalogue with additional attributes extracted from your product images.

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Automated Text Generation

With Productsup's natural language generation functionality you can transform your product content into an insightful narrative.

Keep pace with the 24/7 demands of the ever-changing ecommerce industry by augmenting your content creation with the power of machine learning.

Tell your customers a better story about your products, sell more, and stay ahead of the curve.

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What's in it for you

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Reduce manual work

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Speed up time to market

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Increase Revenue

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