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Facebook Dynamic Ads is one of the most rewarding ad formats available for online marketers today. Fueled by your product data feed or catalog, they automatically retarget users with the most relevant products, based on their previous search and shopping behavior.

Boost your Dynamic Ads with perfectly structured Facebook-ready catalogs

Understand and be in full control
of your product data

  • No coding is required thanks to drag-and-drop logic, meaning you can edit your data quickly & easily
  • Understand and verify the changes to your feed with a visual interface and a live data preview
  • Be in the driver's seat and have the power to unlock the revenue-generating potential of your product feed
Screenshot of the Platform – Product Data Feed

Improve data feed quality and minimize errors

  • Scan your entire feed in seconds to identify warnings, critical errors and improvement potential
  • Get automatic best practice recommendations and optimize your entire feed at the click of a button
  • A/B test your feed to evaluate the impact of changes and to identify the best performing version
Screenshot of the Platform – Product Data Feed

Get your Dynamic Ad campaigns running
in a fraction of the time

  • Save time by replacing manual tasks with automated processes, from data mapping to scheduling
  • Streamline processes by eliminating the middle man – no more waiting on technical support
  • Work with a state-of-the-art technology, capable of processing data feeds of any size in minutes
Productsup Export to Facebook

Boost campaign performance
and advertise smarter

  • Increase product visibility and CTR with a perfectly structured feed and a compelling product ads
  • Maximize your marketing ROI based on product performance insights
  • Identify poor performing products & exclude them from your export, or shift budget to best-selling items
Facebook Dynamic Ads

More than 2,000 digital marketers already manage and optimize
their product data feeds with Productsup

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“It doesn't matter how complicated, how complex the change is that you want to apply, there are always a lot of rules that will solve that problem in a very easy way.”
Elena Polit, Visual Meta
Elena Polit

Head of Facebook Advertising

Create high-quality Facebook product catalogs with smart features

Facebook Marketing API

Ensure Facebook has the most up-to-date, accurate product information

Facebook feed template

Build a perfectly structured, channel-ready feed from the start

Insights & analytics

Seamlessly import your campaign insights into Productsup for better A/B testing

Automated data mapping

Easily integrate and map any product attribute to the relevant field in seconds

200+ data edit rule boxes

Cleanse, update and optimize your feed with a selection of predefined rule boxes

Unique ID generator

Missing product IDs? Create unique IDs for every product in your feed in minutes

GTIN analysis

Identify products that are missing or have broken GTINs – then remove them with just a click

Image properties crawler

Scan and detect products with missing images and exclude those from your export

Website data crawler

Create or enrich your feed by retrieving the source code of product detail pages on your website

Break through the clutter with powerful ad creative

Bulk image optimization & enrichment

Enrich your images with key product attributes like brand and price, and add color and icons to create compelling ad images for every product quickly & easily.

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Bulk Image Optimization & Enrichment

Dynamic product videos

Instantly create product-specific videos for every item in your feed using a custom video template. As changes in your data occur, these are automatically updated.

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World-class support

Independent, but never alone

From the initial platform onboarding to unique Facebook Dynamic Ads catalog challenges, our support team is with you every step of the way.

  • Dedicated Integration Manager
  • Available in every time zone
  • Fast, friendly and free of charge

The Productsup Support Team

Client success story

US Shoe Retailer Case Study Cover

Learn how a US shoe retailer tripled CTR and reduced CPC by 73% with Facebook Dynamic Ads and a high-quality product catalog

It's really great how quickly we could get the product catalog up and running for Facebook Dynamic Ads. We use many different channels for paid placement and DPA's are definitely one of our strongest formats.

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