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Master multichannel sales with the seamless integration of the Productsup and IBM Commerce platforms

Ready for IBM Commerce Technology

Oftentimes, when a merchant wants to export product data from its shop system, not all existing product information is extracted from the database.

Productsup has partnered with IBM Commerce platforms to enable the transfer of product data without the loss of information. Merchants on the IBM WebSphere or IBM Commerce on Cloud no longer have to build custom exports to the Productsup Platform.

Simply download the Productsup plugin and initiate export.

As a “Ready-for-IBM-Commerce”technology partner, Productsup will receive all your relevant product attributes, such as price, availability, product description and images. Thanks to Productsup’s automatic mapping and pre-configured export templates, you can sell on multiple channels in no time. Productsup has integrated the feed specifications and format requirements of all the major price comparison sites, retargeting networks, affiliate engines and social platforms for you so that you can prepare a high quality product data feed from the get-go.

Flow Diagram_IBM_Productsup integration

Example: flow of product information from IBM to multiple sales channels

The solution has been validated by IBM for Commerce on Cloud and WebSphere Commerce version 8 and is now listed in the Global Solutions Directory. 

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