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Productsup Amazon integration

Platform Updates: Amazon Marketplace, Image Designer, TripAdvisor Rating and more

At Productsup, our mission is to help you stay on top of your market when it comes to product data marketing. Therefore, we are constantly enhancing our platform, helping you to enrich data, speed up processes and create product ads that stand out.

In this release, we’ve got some exciting news for you. Read on to discover what’s new this month in the Productsup platform.

Connect your product catalogue to Amazon Marketplace via API (MWS)

We are proud to announce that the Amazon marketplace API integration is now available to our users! With Productsup, you have already long been able to conveniently manage and optimize your product data feed for Amazon. Now, you can make the most out of it by seamlessly synchronizing all your inventory and order data to the world’s largest online marketplace and its millions of customers. We currently support Amazon FR, Amazon US, Amazon UK and Amazon DE.

One of the main challenges when using Amazon MWS is Amazon’s ID system (ASIN) which is required for each item to be sold. Previously, retailers had to manually add or edit it in the seller central. Now, our new import service saves you tons of time by doing this for you! Also, keep an eye on where your export stands by viewing all of Amazon’s processing reports directly from your interface!

Want to know more? Get in touch with our support team.

Enhanced Image Designer

Launched just a few months ago, the Image Designer continues to evolve, receiving updates for both better performance and greater ease-of-use.


Free your creativity and choose among 800+ fonts that are now available in the Image Designer.

Productsup Image Designer Fonts


Refine your image designs by easily redoing and undoing your changes. Now, you can use both the menu selector in the top bar and familiar keyboard shortcuts on Windows and Mac, such as STRG+Z / CMD+Z and STRG+Y / SHIFT+CMD+Z.

Productsup Image Designer undo redo Example

Further text features

Customize your image templates using new text features:

  • Define text spacing and line height
  • Fill your text boxes with background color
  • Add shadow to your text

Template preview

Previously, when selecting templates for your images, you used to see them based on our default images in the sidebar on the right.

Now, to give you a better idea of how your product images are going to look, you will see a preview of the templates applied to your own images!

Productsup Image Designer templates

Attract travelers with TripAdvisor Rating

Customer reviews and ratings have become an influencing decision making factor for travelers. According to Bitkom, nearly three out of every ten internet users generally read reviews and ratings before booking holiday accommodation.

With Productsup, travel companies can now take advantage of positive ratings by pulling rating data directly from TripAdvisor into their inventory feeds and thus to their dynamic ads (as seen with Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel.)

To use this new import service, all you need is an API key from TripAdvisor and your TripAdvisor Entity ID.

Tripadvisor Rating Feed Import Productsup

New Dataflow officially released

We are happy to announce that the new Dataflow has now officially completed its BETA period.

In our last platform release, we introduced a new version of the Dataflow feature, allowing you to edit your data more easily and quickly:

« Previously, editing your data at the Dataflow stage of the process meant you had to navigate away from the page, losing oversight of your connections.

Now, you can perform quick data edits directly in the Dataflow. Simply click on any attribute you wish to change and an edit section will automatically appear on the right. By splitting the screen between Edit and Dataflow, users have a clearer overview of which feed and which attribute is currently and has already been edited. »

Since then, thanks to some of our customers sharing their valuable feedback with us, we implemented a couple of enhancements and stabilized the feature.

And here it is! The new Dataflow is now set as default in your interface:

Productsup dataflow

Group Attributes Service

Have you ever had the need to group information that is spread out over different rows (not columns)? Then this service is for you! It allows you to count, sum and segment your data. You can either choose a grouping of columns or the name of the column that contains your results.

Example use case: You could sum the stock counts of certain groups of products or segment all available sizes of products with the same parent id.

If you want to learn more about the SQL Group By function the service is based on, please read this article.

Productsup group attribute service

Small platform improvements

Adjust the column order for your export channels

Export channels often require a specific column order. To make sure your feed gets accepted, go to the export section and simply adjust the order of your columns by dragging and dropping them in any order you choose.

Productsup platform releases Channels

View your entire export history

Viewing only the last 10 exports can sometimes be insufficient if you are a very active platform user. We have now expanded the list to your entire export history, so you have full visibility into previous exports.

Productsup platform releases Export

Any questions or comments? Feel free to reach out to us. Your feedback counts!

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