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Bax Music & Google Local Inventory ads

März 2019
“The Productsup support team always want to improve and challenge both us and themselves!”

Learn how leading music retailer, Bax Music reduced CPC, increased conversion & drove a 20% in-store revenue uplift with Google Local Inventory ads!

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Meliá Hotels in Facebook Dynamic Travel Ads

November 2018
“We were looking for a tool that could help us multiply export channels. After seeing how easy this was on Productsup, we knew it was the right software for us.”

Learn how the hotel chain, Meliá Hotels International created Facebook travel catalogs for 40+ countries, eliminated dependency on IT and increased ROAS by 670% with Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel

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Expand Online

Januar 2018
“Not having to manually add products to Amazon eliminated the most time-consuming aspect of the process.”

Learn how online marketing agency, Expand Online, helped shoe retailer Waardijk list their 15,000 products on Amazon Marketplace in just 24h!

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Peak Ace

November 2017
“We no longer need to find developer capacities for any kind of change request in the [product] feed!”

Learn how performance marketing agency, Peak Ace, increased impressions by 40% & decreased CPO by 30% on Google Shopping for mobile service provider Talkthisway.de

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Oktober 2016
“There are virtually unlimited possibilities for restructuring the product titles!”

See how German e-tailer GenXtreme.de increased their CTR on Google Shopping by 40% with a simple but smart enhancement to their product titles.

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September 2016
“The creation of product feeds for site search providers with Productsup is really simple.”

E-commerce marketing agency norisk easily solves two key challenges in setting up a merchant data feed for on-site search provider Celebros.

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Online Schuh Händler US

April 2016
“Setting up the feed for Facebook was a piece of cake and it took no time at all. The tool offered helpful formulas that allowed me to tweak the feed to our needs!”

US shoes retailer triples CTR and reduces CPC by 73% with Facebook Dynamic Ads and a perfect product data feed.

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März 2016
“…we realized that our requirements would be best met with a tool that could help us integrate merchants in hours instead of weeks.”

Southeast Asia’s top online shopping destination , iprice increases monthly merchant integrations from 5 to 100+ with the Productsup Platform.

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August 2015
“I wish we had discovered the tool sooner!”

Learn how the Productsup Platform enabled online marketing agency adtraffic to improve workflows & increase the conversion rate for MONA.de by 40%

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November 2014
“We no longer need to use precious hours from the tech department to meet the demands of the different affiliates.”

Find out how fashion retailer Miinto was able to automatically create relevant campaigns at the article level, and gain 36% more traffic in return.

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Keller Sports

Oktober 2014
“With the tool it has become a lot easier and quicker.”

Find out how leading online sport retailer, Keller Sports increased sales by 31% & saw product-related traffic grow by 22%.

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August 2014
“Productsup empowers our marketers to be more reactive and adaptive to changing channel requirements.”

Discover how online fashion discovery community STYLIGHT has just 1 person managing the product data for 14 country sites with Productsup.

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November 2013
“Forecast accuracy of future sales and PLA Bid-Management have been significantly enhanced.”

Learn how technology provider Adobe increased the performance of their Bid Management Algorithm for client Shopapotheke.

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März 2013
“There’s no question that the last 2 years with Productsup have taken our product data marketing to the next level.”

Find out how online book retailer buecher.de was able to master the complexity of connecting with consumers online and increased sales on Google shopping by 35%.

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