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“I find Productsup really easy to use because you can see right away the changes in your feed. This helps us to test suggestions fast and see what the benefit is.”
Tobias Schmidt

Display Email and Affiliate Marketing, Trivago

“I would recommend Productsup to any organisation that is looking to enable their marketers to unlock better ROI from their marketing portfolio.”
Michael Lee

Director of e-Marketing, Fanatics

“Our tech team now has a lot more free time, now that they are no longer having to worry about marketing feeds.”
Emma Seakins

Senior Search and Performance Marketing Manager

“We’re now able to process bigger product feeds, advertise on more marketing channels and achieve a higher ranking for our product ads, all at a fraction of the time.”
Christina Edel

Head of Product Feed Optimization, blueSummit

“Productsup is our preferred partner for getting the most out of our client’s feeds. It not only offers all relevant features – no matter how complex the project is – it also is very easy to use.”
Jana Fiaccola

Managing Partner, Quisma

“Productsup has helped us expand our clients’ shopping campaigns faster and more efficient than any other platform. The feed export management and data edit functionalities have not only saved time but also improved performance and ROI on all campaigns, leading to bigger budgets across our clients’ accounts.”
Adrian Huth

Sr. Paid Media Strategist, Internet Marketing Inc

“Using the Productsup platform enables us to enhance and optimize thousands of products within seconds. Therefore we can react instantly to specific search queries and search spikes to maximize ROI and revenue for our clients.”
Matthias Weth

Co-Founder, Catbird Seat

“I could talk about Productsup all day. The platform helped us build a DMP for product data and feed ROI optimization. It made data provisioning to site search vendors flexible and took the load off our clients’ databases.”
Christopher Gutknecht

Head of Online Marketing, norisk

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