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Brunch & learn with us at Berlin’s Tech Open Air festival

“How do the top marketing agencies do it? – The secret is in the recipe”

The recipe for a great meal begins with using great ingredients.
The same is true for business: behind the best marketing agencies you’ll find the best technologies.
This is what we’ll be exploring at Berlin’s Tech Open Air Festival 2016 and we invite you to join.

Productsup has joined forces with leading marketing technology provider Kenshoo to feed your body and your mind.


Tech Open Air 2016

That’s right, we’re organizing a satellite event in association with this year’s Tech Open Air festival (TOA), taking place in Berlin from 13-15 July.

  • What: Brunch & Learn TOA Satellite Event
  • When:  Friday July 15th from 11:00-14:00
  • Where: St. Oberholz Espresso Lab’s ultra-cool 4th floor Melville Apartment
  • Cost: The event is free to attend for anyone, including TOA non-ticket holders – just make sure to register here. Plus free food & drinks!
TOA event location_Melville Apartment_St.Oberholz

St. Oberholz’s Melville Apartment – Zehdenicker Str. 1, 10119 Berlin

The brunch will be fueled with talks and a panel discussion with key industry marketing experts, who will share their own experiences, findings and tips to reveal what businesses can do to accelerate success in performance marketing!


  • 11:00 Welcome & intro by Kenshoo & Productsup
  • 11:30 Meet, greet & eat
  • 12:00 Talk by Dr. Sepita Ansari from Catbird Seat – who will share his tech integration experience and successes & look at the future of marketing
  • 12:30 Meet, greet, eat & take a seat
  • 13:00 Panel discussion
    • Moderator:
      • Kai Rieke (Director Online Marketing @Project A Ventures)
    • Experts:
  • 13:30-14:00 Ask more, learn more, meet more, eat more

This event is for all e-commerce and performance marketers who are serious about staying ahead and delivering top performance.

For a more event information, or to book your free spot, click here

To learn more about TOA16 and book your conference tickets, visit Use the code “TOAlovesKENSHOO15″ to get 15% discount for your ticket. 

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