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Google Shopping Actions

What retailers need to know about the Google Shopping Actions program

We briefly mentioned the Google Shopping Actions program in our previous post about Google Express. But because the initiative is becoming increasingly relevant, it’s time we dedicate a full post to get to the bottom of it.

You know how we always talk about how quickly the ecommerce industry is growing and how important it is for retailers to stay agile at this day in age? Yeah, well, even companies like Google are moving forward with efforts to make it easier for retailers to stay agile. This time, it’s in the form of Google Shopping Actions.

What is Google Shopping Actions?

The Shopping Actions program gives retailers the chance to have their products seen on Google platforms like Assistant, Express, and Complete with a universal shopping cart and a Google-hosted checkout flow, the program makes it simple for shoppers to take action wherever and however they are shopping.

Google shopping actions

Source: Google

The program was developed as a response to Google’s internal data showing a need for “immediate assistance.” Thus, Shopping Actions creates a new standard for online shopping – allowing shoppers to take action at their convenience throughout the day.

How does Google Shopping Actions work?

Google Shopping Actions takes into consideration the many ways in which a buyer can take action. For example, they could use their voice to add paper towels to their shopping list while in the kitchen, and later add shampoo to their Express cart on their laptop. Then before bed, they could sign into their Express account on the mobile app to complete the transaction within Google.

Once the buyer has completed their transaction through Google – where they can save their payment information or activate 1-click ordering, the retailer(s) are notified of the sale. 

The program runs on a cost-per-sale model, meaning retailers only need to pay once an order has been successfully placed. Moreover, shoppers can add products from multiple retailers to their universal cart and purchase within a single transaction.

The benefits for retailers

Essentially, an easier shopping experience for buyers makes it more likely that they will purchase a product. Therefore, by taking part in the program, retailers can expect to see an increase in sales. Moreover, Google recorded a roughly 30% increase in basket size for those taking part in the program.

Retailers can also expect to see a growth in returning customers. According to Google, 44% of buyers using their voice-activated speakers at least once a week said they use it to purchase items weekly (e.g. groceries or toiletries). On top of that, the program offers customers 1-click reordering, which makes it even easier for them to purchase the same item again.

“Our guests love the ease and convenience of making their Target Run without lifting a finger by using voice interface. And since the orders are shipped from a nearby Target store, they’ll have their items delivered to their home in just two days,” said Mike McNamara, Chief Information and Digital Officer of US retail giant, Target


Target Google Shopping Actions


Shopping Actions retailers can also make use of Google’s AI to help them better target customers. Once it learns the pattern of how and what people buy, Google will surface the most relevant products to users at the time when they have the highest-intent to buy. In the end, retailers can increase both loyalty and engagement through the Shopping Actions program.

Availability & Qualifications for the Shopping Actions program

The program is currently only available to select retailers with brick-and-mortar stores and warehouses based in the United States. In order to be considered for the Google Shopping Actions program, you must first express your interest here.

Also important to mention is the role of data quality. As always is the case with Google, success with Shopping Actions is dependant on high-quality product data. Once you’ve been selected to take part in the program, a Google contact will share the specific policies with you. However, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself Google Shopping Ads policies in the meantime.

Learn more about Google Shopping ads.

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