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The benefits and requirements of your Google Hotel Ads Campaign

Marketing Channels, Resources, Tips & Best Practices 6 December, 2017

We brushed on Google Hotel Ads in our post about technology and how it’s reshaping the travel industry. In this […]

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9 common product data feed errors & how to avoid them

Resources, Tips & Best Practices 18 October, 2017

While we covered the five steps to a perfect product feed in a previous post, this article will focus on […]

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The five C’s of an A+ product feed

Resources, Tips & Best Practices 10 August, 2017

One thing that all savvy marketers keep in mind when optimizing product data, is that each shopping channel has their […]

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Dynamic Ads for Travel: Facebook revolutionizes marketing for the travel industry

Facebook, Marketing Channels, Resources 29 May, 2017

How many holiday snaps of friends and family do you have in your Facebook feed? It’s bound to be quite […]

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Boost your performance this holiday shopping season with these insights from 2000+ product data marketers [Infographic]

Resources 7 November, 2016

‘Tis the season for another round of holiday shopping. What have you done to make sure you capitalize on the opportunities that come […]

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