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Platform Updates: Amazon Marketplace, Image Designer, TripAdvisor Rating and more

Platform Updates 13 February, 2017

At Productsup, our mission is to make you stay on top of your market when it comes to product data marketing. […]

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Productsup Platform Release: New Dataflow, Sorting Functionality & Merge Service Update

Platform Updates 29 November, 2016

We’ve launched another platform release! Every Productsup platform release comes standard with performance improvements, feature optimizations, user interface adjustments and bug fixes. Below we […]

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Export merchant data to on-site search engines with Productsup

Platform Updates 19 September, 2016

On-site search engines play a significant role in generating sales for an online shop – they should be on your […]

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“An image speaks a thousand words” – and more! Now with Productsup’s Image Designer!

Platform Updates 12 September, 2016

Productsup has released the open beta of a new platform feature: the Image Designer. The new feature is all about advanced image […]

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Platform Release #51: New Data Source, List Features, Split Variants and more

Platform Updates 30 September, 2015

In-platform help to replace freshdesk Step-by-step, we are integrating all freshdesk help articles directly onto the platform, so that you […]

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Platform release #50: New scheduling, Copy sites & Dataflows & Cancel a job

Platform Updates 23 July, 2015

New Cancel running processes You now have the option to stop running a Site within the platform. Simply click the […]

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Platform release #49: A/B testing feature

Platform Updates 1 July, 2015

Our “A/B testing” feature has been released. As of today, July 1st, you’re able to compare different versions of your […]

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Platform Release #48: News Page, In-Platform Help, Site Status & more

Platform Updates 27 April, 2015

NEW News Page The envelope icon on the top right corner is a notifications button that gets highlighted when there […]

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Platform Release #47: Box Scheduling

Platform Updates 14 January, 2015

NEW Box Scheduling You can now have even more control of your boxes with box scheduling! Each box now has […]

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Platform Release #46: New Dataflow

Platform Updates 10 December, 2014

Dataflow updates Dataflow has recently been updated to feature a cleaner design, faster loading times and more stability. Some new […]

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