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Google Shopping Guide

Best Practice Guide for your Google Shopping Feed

Become a Google Shopping feed expert!

As you may know, the better the quality of your product feed, the better your performance on Google.

That’s why we’ve just released a comprehensive, resource-rich guide covering the best practices you need to know when preparing your product data feed for Google.

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White paper-Best Practie Guide Google Shopping Feed

What will you learn?

  • Important requirements: These specs you must adhere to. Failure to comply can result in penalization by Google
  • Recommendations: Things Google advises you to do, but if you don’t do these Google will still accept your products
  • Notes: Side notes and exceptions that you need to be aware of
  • Tips from the experts: There are some things that Google does not specify. These things we’ve learned through years of industry experience and we’ll share these tips with you here, to help you become experts yourselves.
  • Optimizing with Productsup: We will list some key data edit boxes, platform features, as well as unique services that have been designed to help you simplify your work, optimize your feed and maximize your output.

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