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6 reasons why your ecommerce store should advertise products on idealo

These days, price comparison sites are much more than a place for shoppers to simply compare prices.

Rather, they have become much more sophisticated. Shoppers use these platforms not only to find the best price but to read customer reviews, see product ratings and much more.

One of Europe’s leading price comparison websites with over €1.5bn e-commerce revenue in Germany is idealo. It has already launched country sites for the UK, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, and Spain.

Idealo is a popular destination for Product exports from Productsup users.

Productsup & idealo key stats:

  • Over 300 domains use Productsup to export to idealo
  • 1,089 feed updates per day
  • 40,597,891 products exported daily
  • 27,014,176,406 products exported in total
  • fourth most popular export channel

it's simple and straightforward to advertise products on Idealo

6 reasons to advertise products on idealo

There are a number of things that set idealo apart from other price comparison sites and reasons why is it such an effective platform for product advertising.

1. The platform attracts over 15 million visitors each month. That’s a huge audience that you can directly connect with, simply by advertising products on idealo. Also, there are 500,000 active users on its mobile-optimized platform.

2. idealo is much more than just a price comparison site. Users also see useful information like customer reviews, product ratings, and pricing history. Including this information in your listings will instill trust in shoppers and should have a positive effect on CTR and conversion.

3. One particularly appealing aspect for online retailers is the equal footing that each seller on the platform has. Rankings are not for sale and there’s no SEO involved, which means any seller can achieve the top position, as it all comes down to your data quality and offer.

the range of benefits for sellers on idealo

4. idealo users are primed for purchase. That means that conversion rates via the platform are much higher than average. If your data is in order and a shopper finds it matches what they found on idealo, they are extremely likely to convert once clicking-through to your store.

5. idealo provides an additional option to sell your products directly on the platform, with idealo Checkout. Essentially, customers can buy products from your store directly on the platform. This allows increased exposure for your products, immediate payout and performance-based invoicing. Idealo found that those using this service earned up to 42% more conversions.

6. The technical integration is simple and there is little maintenance required. There’s also a personal support service provided to sellers if they encounter any issues.

The idealo product catalog

One of the great things about idealo is its simplicity and the fact that the platform provides a level playing field for all retailers.

In comparison to many other platforms, Idealo is very flexible in its product data requirements. That said, the more product information you display, the more visible your products will be, and the more likely shoppers are to convert.

So, how to optimize your product feed for maximum performance? It’s simple really, follow our tips below:

5 tips to optimize your idealo product feed

  • A GTIN or EAN number is optional, but including one will mean your products can easily be identified worldwide. This increases the cross-border e-commerce potential of your store and means your listings will be correctly displayed for price comparison
  • Showing prices in different currencies, along with the different prices of each shipping method, is another way to inspire international purchases. Make sure you enter each currency price and shipping method price in a new field. This allows users to instantly compare these prices with other retailers and prevent shoppers clicking through but not converting due to an unexpected shipping price (which would cost the seller)
  • All product variants – for example, multiple colors of an item – should have their own entry in the product catalog. Idealo recognizes each alternative color as a separate product and they, therefore, appear more often in search results
  • A product description can be up to 1,000 characters long and is a great way to supply shoppers with further details about a product. The more detailed the description, the more accurately idealo can present your products. An informative description will also help convert more users and reduce the risk of products being returned. Make sure that your product descriptions have no symbols or white spaces, which will affect the listing’s performance
  • Export your product feed multiple times a day to ensure the data is as up-to-date and accurate as possible.

Of course, it’s essential to ensure that the data shoppers see on the platform reflects what is on your site. Inventory levels, prices and shipping information should be regularly updated to ensure consistency.

Productsup now features the Idealo Partner Webservice API

Since our last platform update in July 2017, Productsup now features a new API integration with Idealo. That means it’s now possible for customers to export their product data directly to Idealo. This is a massive increase in speed and efficiency for anyone wanting to export product data to Idealo.

To use the new Idealo API, simply select the Idealo Webservice as Export and then add the Idealo Product API destination.

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