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Facebook targeting tactics

17 Winning Targeting Tactics with Facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebook’s advertising platform offers remarkably advanced targeting capabilities. That’s not only because of its rich pool of information about its users, but also because of the extensive array of targeting options the platform offers.

While many ecommerce marketers are already using Facebook Dynamic Ads, they are often only targeting past website visitors and overlooking the wide range of other Facebook ad audiences. That’s a waste of potential! You’re missing the potential to:

  • Show users more relevant product selections
  • Use more relevant ad messages according to different expectations and intents
  • Bid more aggressively on audiences most likely to make a purchase
  • Exclude or bid less on audiences that don’t bring desired results
  • Analyze audience profiles and behavior in detail in order to refine targeting
  • Isolate audiences with the highest buying potential so that you can build strong cold prospecting audiences based on them

All in all, creating more granular audience sets can help you generate more sales at a lower cost.

Sound convincing? Then let’s have a look at the different targeting tactics available for your Facebook Dynamic Ads campaigns. What you choose will depend on who you are talking to and what you want to achieve.

Build on your existing customers

Your customers are your lowest hanging fruits for generating conversions and sales. Make sure you have both a short and a long-term strategy to leverage them. However, not all customers are equal. It is important that you change your tactic according to their purchase behaviors and interests. You should focus on increasing repeat purchases and enhancing customer loyalty.

Facebook targeting tactics

Within your list of customers, you can target specific groups:

  1. You can target a certain set of customers based on their profile, using demographics, interests, and behavior
  2. Target those customers you wish to cross-sell to based on previous items they’ve purchased, by suggesting products
    – that could also be of interest (based on user intent or taste)
    – that are usually purchased together, e.g. ski boards and ski poles
  3. You might want to remind certain customers of products to be renewed/repurchased (Classic examples: contact lenses or printer ink
  4. You can also create an audience who you want to move from external channels like Google Shopping or Amazon to your own sho
  5. Customers who made a purchase a long time ago can also be targeted and reactivate
  6. Top customers can be rewarded with special offers or exclusive collections

Tip: Filter based on the most valuable customers using additional criteria, such as the amount of money spent, purchase frequency, Customer Lifetime Value or their engagement with your brand on Facebook.

Re-engage your hot prospects

The second most valuable audience group are people who have previously shown interest in your shop, product or brand. Using Facebook Dynamic Ads, you can make them enter the conversion path or bring them back where they left off.

Warm target audience

  1. Here again, you can target warm audiences based on different profiles, using demographics, interests, and behavior
  2. You can also target those you want to remind of the exact products they have viewed in your shop or added to their wishlist or cart
  3. You might want to target some via upselling, i.e. suggest similar products with a higher margin
  4. Targeting your Facebook page fans with best sellers is another tactic
  5. Additionally, warm prospects who seem to be in a decision phase, browsing your shop intensely and repeatedly can be targeted with your best sellers.
  6. Retarget prospects who have reacted to Instagram or Facebook posts
  7. Retarget prospects who have visited a specific campaign landing page
  8. Retarget prospects using the tracking parameters acquired from the campaign link they clicked to visit your website

Cold targeting: Reach out to new prospects

Once you have built high-quality audiences from your existing customers and fans, you’re well prepared to extend your reach to people who don’t know you yet.

reach out to new prospects with facebook dynamic ads

15. Target Lookalikes:

Lookalikes are groups of people who are similar to an existing Custom Audience you choose. When creating Lookalikes based on customer audiences, you’ll get a new audience that is likely to be interested in your business even if its individuals don’t know you yet. As you might guess, the better the quality of your Custom Audience, the better the quality of your Lookalikes. We’ve covered more on Facebook Lookalike Audiences in this post.

16. Target Broad Audiences

Broad audience targeting is another way to reach people who haven’t visited your website or app yet. When a user has expressed interest in your products (or products similar to yours) on Facebook or beyond, the Facebook algorithm is still able to identify the products they are most likely to be interested in.

This can be useful for smaller ecommerce companies, who don’t have a large traffic volume to be used for retargeting.

When wanting to reach to new audiences,  using demographics, and interest-based targeting is even more critical, as it’s the only door opener you’ve got. Try to refer to personal or seasonal topics that make your products relevant. For example, if you are a gift shop, target friends of people who have a birthday

17. Generating brand awareness

But what if audiences are not ready to buy from you yet? Well, warm them up with other types of campaigns first, before you target them with Facebook Dynamic Ads.

The beauty of Facebook advertising lies in its versatility. If you achieve better results with retargeting than with cold targeting, consider running brand awareness campaigns first to warm people up. You can use fun videos or even influencer or content marketing that matches your target market’s interests and desires.

Make users interact with any of your digital assets and you’ll be able to retarget them as a warm audience thereafter, promoting products linked to your awareness campaign.

Facebook targeting is a cycle of possibilities. That’s what makes it so effective and that’s also why it’s fun.

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